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John Deere 400×72.5×74 – Wide Rubber Track | XRTS


Track Width (mm) Track Pitch Track Links
400 72.5 74

Maximize the potential of your John Deere Mini Excavator with the premium John Deere 400×72.5×74—Wide Rubber Track. This track, weighing 630 lbs, is purposefully engineered to deliver exceptional traction and stability and is a testament to quality and precision in performance.

Tailored to fit seamlessly with the 50 D and 50 G models, this rubber track ensures perfect alignment and optimized performance enhancement for your John Deere Mini Excavator. The Wide guide design incorporated into the track guarantees heightened traction, reduced slippage, and seamless operation across various terrains, boosting efficiency and control.

Whether undertaking heavy-duty construction projects, intricate landscaping endeavors, or specialized tasks, the John Deere Rubber Track is your reliable companion. Sturdy enough to withstand challenging conditions, it offers unmatched grip and maneuverability. Its compatibility with John Deere mini excavators assures a perfect fit and a harmonious integration that empowers you to tackle tasks confidently and precisely.

Crafted for endurance and reliability, this rubber track is a testament to superior engineering and longevity. Elevate your mini excavator’s capabilities with the John Deere 400×72.5×74 – Wide Rubber Track to experience enhanced traction and stability and unlock a new level of efficiency, control, and productivity in all your applications. Dominate rugged terrains with assurance and ease, and be confident in the performance and durability of this top-notch track solution from John Deere.

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Weight 630 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 16 in