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Kubota 450x86x58 – Z Pattern Rubber Tracks | XRTS


Track Width (mm) Track Pitch Track Links
450 86 58

Enhance the performance of your Kubota compact track loader with the Kubota 450x86x58 – Z Pattern Rubber Track. Weighing 764 lbs. and measuring 48 x 18 x 18 inches, this track is built for superior traction and stability in various terrains.

Compatible with Kubota models such as SVL 90, SVL 90-2, SVL 95-2, SVL 95-2S, and SVL97, the Kubota 450x86x58 – Z Pattern Rubber Track seamlessly integrates with your Kubota equipment, optimizing its performance. The Z pattern design improves traction, reduces slippage, and ensures efficient operation across different surfaces, making it versatile for various tasks.

For professionals in construction, landscaping, or agricultural work, the Kubota Rubber Track is a reliable companion. Its design, specifically tailored for Kubota compact track loaders, ensures a precise fit and enhanced functionality. This precision, combined with its ability to withstand harsh conditions, provides excellent grip and maneuverability, instilling confidence in its performance and reliability.

When it comes to dependability and performance, the Kubota Rubber Track is a top choice for professionals who rely on their equipment. By upgrading your compact track loader with this track in the Z pattern, you can experience heightened traction, stability, and reliability in all your applications. This premium track solution from Kubota equips you to tackle challenging terrains and increase productivity, providing a secure and valuable investment.

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Weight 764 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 18 × 18 in

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