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Caterpillar 400×72.5×76 Rubber Track | XRTS


Track Width (mm) Track Pitch Track Links
400 72.5 76

Presenting the advanced Caterpillar Rubber Track, meticulously designed to enhance the operational efficiency and performance of a range of Mini Excavators, including the 304 CCR, 305.5 DCR, 305.5E, 305.5E2CR, 305.5ECR, 305C CR, 305E CR, and 305E2 CR models. Weighing 630 lbs and measuring 48 × 16 × 16 inches, this track, sized 400×72.5×76, is meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled traction and stability, ensuring seamless operation across diverse work environments.

Tailored for compatibility with CAT and Caterpillar equipment, this top-tier rubber track seamlessly integrates with Mini Excavators, promising a smooth and productive workflow on job sites of any scale. With its wide guide design offering precision and control, the Caterpillar Rubber Track is ideal for tasks that demand accuracy and efficiency, making it a perfect match for construction projects, excavation endeavors, and landscaping ventures where precision is paramount.

Equip your CAT and Caterpillar Mini Excavators with the cutting-edge Caterpillar Rubber Track to unlock elevated operational capabilities, extended longevity, and improved efficiency. Leveraging Caterpillar’s longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality equipment solutions, you can rely on the durability and reliability of this track to enhance productivity and streamline operations in various work environments. Embrace the Caterpillar Rubber Track as your dependable partner for optimizing operational efficiency, precision, and productivity on the job site, efficiently ensuring successful project outcomes.

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Weight 630 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 16 × 16 in

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Compatible Equipment

CAT, Caterpillar