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Kubota 320x86x52B – DBlock CTL Rubber Track | XRTS


Track Width (mm) Track Width (in) Track Links Track Pitch
320 13 52 86

Enhance the performance of your Kubota compact track loader with the Kubota Rubber Track in the 320x86x52B size, featuring the D Block track pattern. Weighing 375 lbs and measuring 13 inches, this track is designed to provide exceptional traction and stability in specific terrains such as creeks and mud.

This rubber track, tailored to fit the SVL75.2 model, guarantees optimized performance for your Kubota compact track loader. The D Block track pattern enhances traction, reduces slippage, and ensures smooth operation in challenging environments, enabling you to work precisely and confidently.

Whether navigating creeks or tackling muddy terrains, the Kubota Rubber Track is built to withstand harsh conditions, offering superior grip and maneuverability. Its compatibility with Kubota compact track loaders ensures perfect integration, allowing you to handle tasks with confidence and efficiency.

Constructed with durability and performance in mind, this rubber track is a reliable choice for professionals seeking excellent results from their equipment. Equip your compact track loader with the Kubota Rubber Track to experience enhanced traction, stability, and longevity in creeks and mud applications. Conquer challenging terrains with precision and efficiency using this premium track solution from Kubota.

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Additional information

Weight 375 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 13 × 13 in